Georgetown Property Owners Seek Proposals For Independent Environmental & Archeological Study

Meigs County power battle: Landowners question TVA study of artifacts in Georgetown, Tennessee | Times Free Press, January 14th, 2019

TVA Update: since the Judge’s ruling allowing ‘Temporary Access.’

TVA is moving aggressively to complete its ‘Quick Take’ possession of the 4 private properties in Georgetown through Federal Court action necessary to expand the last 1 mile of powerline easement they do not own through eminent domain for Project Viper.

But first, archaeological, architectural and environmental studies are underway by one of the most respected firms in the Region, Mid South Consulting along the 4.25 miles of existing right of way from Hopewell to Georgetown.

TVA is pressuring consultants to complete this project by January 21. Cherokee history, early pioneer and settlers to East Tennessee and the region, evidence of the Trail of Tears, early Native American campsites and slave walls and historic barns are all at risk and being rushed over in an effort to fast track this project to begin secretive Project Viper.

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