The Tennessee Valley Authority is a creation of government that secretly decided to build a “secure office complex” in Georgetown, TN. It’s a $300 million project that will change the face of the rural community forever. It was developed in secret for years, and TVA tried to keep it secret from citizens and elected officials. Is “Project Viper” poison for Georgetown? No one knows because TVA’s not talking.

Is transparency and public input too much to ask?


Greg Vital spoke Wednesday, February 13, to the TVA Board of Directors in Chattanooga on behalf of Georgetown residents and property owners.

"TVA intentionally misled the Georgetown community in August of last year about Project Viper" and is an "arrogant and disrespectful bully who would care less about private property rights, regular citizens or the land." #4tnfarms



Aug 30, 2018 to date


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